Top 5 benefits of automatic car cover you need to know before your purchase


When you are not driving your car, it is usually parked at your designated spot, but not all the drivers have a luxury of garage that will keep their car protected from the heat. So when you jump into your car after it has been parked under the sun while you’re at home or at work, you will feel the extreme heat on the interior. To feel relief, you will probably turn on your A\C to the max and wait until your car gets cool. This is a very uncomfortable situation for all of us, but not to worry, there is a solution and it is called automatic car cover and it has a lot of benefits, but today we will talk about 5 main.

1. Automatic car cover will keep your car cool anywhere

This is the main purpose of the automatic car cover, to keep the temperature in your car lower than outside. When your car is not covered, the exterior part can be affected by ultraviolet rays and solar radiation. Once you enter your car you can feel the heat and humidity, but all of that can be avoided with this product. Dust can be prevented from getting to your car as well so no need for the constant washing of your exterior. In fact, your car is going to be kept from any form of dangerous weather related elements with good custom cover. In fact, it is advised that you plan or budget alongside for automatic car cover while budgeting for money to buy a car.

2. Automatic car cover saves energy

When your car is exposed to the summer sun, the interior will get extremely hot. When the interior gets hot, it will be discomforting getting into the car and waiting until the interior cools down. In order to make the car cool quickly, you need to open the doors and windows and put on the air conditioning system.

By doing so you are consuming more energy than you ordinary do. In order to avoid this, you can have an automatic car cover and after a quick installation you don’t have to worry about the energy consumption as it will not take too long to get the perfect interior temperature. Automatic car cover is an ideal energy saving product.

3. Automatic car cover protects your car from physical damage

Automatic car umbrella is made of Oxford cloth that is very strong, water repellent and lightweight. The overall architecture of the automatic car umbrella can keep your car safe, as it covers the body of the car.

When it comes to protection, you should remember that it is not only insurance that can offer you protection. Whenever your car is parked in the open, the car umbrella can prevent it from being damaged by falling objects from a nearby construction site or building. For more information, please check out our videos.

4. Automatic car cover is easy to install

The installation of the automatic car cover takes only 30 seconds and with foldable programming, it is easy to unfold and cover your entire car. When not in use, it is also easy to assemble. Automatic car cover is operated by a remote control that comes with it upon purchase. A simple tap on the remote will unfold it and another tap will fold it to its original position, ready to be stored in your trunk.

And the installation even gets easier if you have a stepping ladder that will help you reach the roof. For more information about installation, please see the video.

5. Automatic car cover is easy to store

It is portable and very light so you can store it anywhere. Our customers usually keep their automatic car cover in their trunk so they can have it handy and protect their car on the go.

Although the clear sky and the summer weather can be enjoyable, with temperatures well over 40 degrees, it really isn’t the best conditions to step outside. And because the heat takes a toll on your vehicle too, it is extremely important that you take care of your car during the summer months.

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